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Painted 'rock snake' near Atascadero Lake grows with community participation

Posted at 7:13 PM, Nov 01, 2020

Artistic community members can swing by the Atascadero Lake to see a growing snake made of painted rocks.

A member of a Facebook group called 'SLO PAINTED ROCKS' painted a snakehead on a rock and left a sign that reads, "Add your own painted rocks and let's see how long it'll grow."

Community members continue to add colorfully painted stones to the snake's body, which has reached more than 100 meters, according to a member of the 'SLO PAINTED ROCKS' Facebook group.

Local parent Molly Pepe said she first saw the rock snake project during a walk several weeks ago when it had less than a dozen rocks.

"It's been fun to see a creative outlet in the community," said Pepe. "It's kind of fun to see it growing, and seeing everyone participating is encouraging."

Community members can find the snake rock next to the Atascadero Lake Park.