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Parade of storms halt repair and construction projects on the Central Coast

Posted at 10:42 PM, Mar 29, 2023

The storms this year have brought rain and flooding, causing damage to many roads and properties.

The rains have also halted repair projects on the Central Coast.

The last couple of months has been very disruptive for anyone who works outside or spends an extended amount of time outdoors.

2023 has seen a near nonstop parade of storms sweeping through California.

Prolonged Winter weather has been difficult for people across the central coast who are experiencing homelessness.

“I’m a 70-year-old senior citizen but usually, I find good options,” said Kevin Miller who lives in Morro Bay and was taking shelter from a heavy downpour that moved through early Wednesday evening.

“Perhaps I see a friend that comes by and offers me a couch or a loan so I can get a motel room for tonight because otherwise, I’m not sure what kind of shelter I’m gonna have,” explained Miller.

Storm after storm has also impacted construction.

“It’s gotten old, and it’s revealed to everyone all the leaky roofs,” said Construction Worker Steve Sweeney.

More grey skies than blue can be especially disruptive for construction workers.

“That’s the construction vacation we call it because when it rains-- if you have outdoor work--you are staying home for that day,” said Sweeney.

Frequent rain coupled with storm damage has led to a growing backlog of repair projects.

“I have a lot of outdoor work and some of it is repairing leaky windows that you can’t do until the rain has stopped.”

Emergency storm repair projects in San Luis Obispo have also been hit by rain delays.

“The last time we had damage of this level was in 1995 and previously in the 1989 floods as well,” explained San Luis Obispo City Engineer Wyatt Hix.

A sidewalk along San Luis Drive, has been crumbling into the San Luis Obispo Creek just across the street from SLO High.

“As long as the creek levels are this high, it’s very difficult to get any work started. So, right now, we’re focusing on designs as well as ordering the materials,” said Hix.

City engineers are preparing to build a concrete wall along San Luis Drive to stop any further erosion.

“We think construction’s gonna take about four months, so we anticipate things opening up in early to mid-August,” said Hix.

San Luis Drive remains open but both lanes of traffic have been shifted away from the creek.