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Paso Fire: Weed abatement reminder

Posted at 2:24 PM, May 02, 2023

The Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services would like to remind residents and property owners about the city’s weed abatement program.

With the heavy rains this year, Paso fire officials say it is especially important that property owners reduce combustible vegetation as soon as possible.

“The threat of wildfire is becoming increasingly prevalent and dangerous in California, posing greater risks to people and property than ever before,” said John Prickett, Paso Robles Fire captain/paramedic, in a press release. “In preparation for a future with more wildfire activity, residents need to understand their role and actively take part in reducing wildfire risk."

Fire officials are asking the community to please clear all combustible vegetation, including dead leaves, weeds, brush, and tree limbs no later than May 15. Property owners should also remove excess trash, wood, and other combustibles away from their homes.

Please visit the Paso Robles Fire and Emergency Services website for information about weed abatement, or wildfire preparedness, or the public can call (805) 227-7560.

Paso fire officials say they encourage people to use the National Fire Protection Association's wildfire safety resources with others in their neighborhood.

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is May 6. More information can be found here.