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Paso Robles Children's Museum gets a new playhouse after partnering with Justin Winery

Posted at 3:59 PM, Nov 12, 2019

The Paso Robles Children's Museum is getting a new playhouse on its outdoor play area.

The museum is partnering with employees from Justin Vineyards and Winery to build the playhouse. The volunteers are also cleaning bathrooms, dusting floors and making sure all the exhibits at the museum are sterilized for kids to use.

Jennifer Smith, the executive director at the museum, says the winery's help is a big deal because they're short staffed.

"All the kids in our community are going to be able to enjoy this when they come to visit the museum," said Smith. "Primarily we are excited that we offer free school field trips to the kids in our county, kindergarten through 2nd grade and all the pre-schools so when they come here for their field trips they're going to be thrilled to see we have a new thing for them to play with outside."

At least once every year, Justin Vineyards and Winery chooses a volunteer project for their employees to work on.

The museum attracts about 20,000 visitors every year.