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Paso Robles experiencing a higher-than-usual number of potholes

Posted at 10:19 AM, Mar 28, 2023

Due to the heavy rains that have been pounding the Central Coast since January, Paso Robles is experiencing a higher-than-usual number of potholes on roadways.

The city of Paso Robles released a press release on Tuesday to address potholes in the city and to provide information.

It’s not the constant pressure of car tires that wears the road down and causes potholes, but water that is actually causing the damage, according to the press release. Once water gets under pavement, it expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws, pushing against the roadbed and pavement. Once it thaws, there is space left where ice was, so the road is weakened. As cars and trucks drive over the weak spots, they crack and bits of the pavement chip away.

According to the press release, Paso Robles staff is responding to potholes as they are reported via the MyPaso Request Tracker, emails, dispatch, and/or phone calls.

Repair is prioritized depending on the location, safety concerns, and available material. Major arterial roadways such as Creston Road and Niblick Road are typically a top priority due to
frequent use, according to city officials. When not responding to emergencies, staff operate a hot mix patch truck on a grid moving through the city systematically filling in potholes.

City staff say they are continuing to fill potholes during dry conditions. Filling potholes during a rainstorm is an emergency measure and not a common practice. Drivers are urged to be vigilant, practice safety, and be patient as we work through the rainy season and continue to fill potholes.

The city is asking residents to please report potholes at, via the MyPaso App, by email to or by phone at 805.237.3861. All reports will be triaged and responded to as soon as possible.