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Paso Robles School District responds to student waving profane flag at Veterans event

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Posted at 3:36 PM, Nov 17, 2021

Paso Robles Joint Unified School District officials said last Wednesday, a student effort to honor Veterans Day was disrupted by the inclusion of a profane flag.

District officials say, "This both detracted from the intended purpose of the demonstration and led to considerable disruption, including some postings and exchanges on social media that were completely inappropriate."

According to reports, the objectionable flag was up for a very limited amount of time.

The district says they do not condone this behavior no matter the length of time and the students involved will be appropriately disciplined in accordance with district policies.

Following the event, district officials say a district employee posted comments on social media regarding this event which were inappropriate, and the district is also responding accordingly through the Human Resource office.

The district is reminding all employees that as an employee of PRJUSD, social media is not an appropriate venue for criticism of our students and families and that they must conduct themselves in a professional manner.

The district says they are working to expand its efforts to hold joint activities to promote tolerance and unity.

"Veterans Day should be a day for patriotism and honoring service, not yet another politically divisive controversy. We call on the school community to come together as Roblans and Bearcats," said PRJUSD.

The district did not provide information on exactly what the profane flag said that the student was waving.