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People who pay for garbage services in Morro Bay could start paying more for services

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Posted at 11:47 PM, Aug 11, 2023

People who pay for garbage services in Morro Bay could start paying more for services.

“I’m going to have to put some money aside to pay for the trash to be able to pay for that,” CJ Reveles, a Morro Bay resident, said.

People who use Morro Bay Garbage Service could see a 38% rate increase under a new proposal.

“Somehow they need to justify it before they get a 38% increase,” Chuck Stoll, another Morro Bay resident said.

The City Council decided on Tuesday to move forward with the proposal but locals are not happy about the potential increase.

“I’m concerned of course because everything is high enough,” Stoll said.

Currently the bill for 32 gallons of waste in Morro Bay is just under 25 dollars.

If the increase is approved, bills would go up by 20% in October and sooner after, by another 18%, leaving the new cost at just under 35 dollars.

Stoll has lived in Morro Bay for 20 years and says living expenses keep getting worse.

“There’s a lot of retired people here who cannot afford those increases,” Stoll continues.

Another local agrees.

“Not only are we paying for water and sewage as we should but now as we pay to get rid of garbage it seems to be an added weight to our living and the cost of living,” Reveles said.

According to the staff report, the increase is needed to make up for a shortfall of more than $950 thousand in services between the City and Morro Bay garbage.

The report states notices will be sent to property and account holders 45 days before the public hearing, informing them of the proposed increase.

The staff report states written protest can be submitted to the City Clerk and the deadline is October 10.

The staff report also states that if 50% of affected property owners submit a written protest against the proposed increase, the increase should not go into effect.