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Pet of the week "Fanta" started off needing some extra help, now she is just looking for a forever home

Posted at 5:49 AM, Mar 24, 2023

Every Friday we feature an available pet from Woods Humane Society and this week it is time to introduce you to Fanta. She is an 8-month-old cat who had a rough start to life but is now excited for her forever home here on the Central Coast.

She has been living with a foster family for the past five months where she has been nursed back to health from her frail state as a kitten. We sat down with her and her foster mom Stacey Ritter to find out more.

Ritter said "I've been fostering Fanta for the last five months. I took her home to foster right before thanksgiving, and at that time my job was to put some weight on her. She was really having a hard time keeping weight on. And so it was a 24-hour-a-day, full-time job for a while to help her gain weight and stabilize her health. She has had some pretty significant medical situations to go through, but she's been stable and happy for the last several weeks."

Ritter continued, "She's really doing great. She's thriving. She is a rare female orange tabby. Most orange tabbies are male and this little biscuit is our girl. She is hysterical in her personality and very photogenic."

Ritter explained that Fanta is very social and great with other pets including dogs. She is happiest whenever she can be social and have other people or pets around.

Ritter continued, "If you are interested in Fanta, then contact Woods Humane Society, and someone will give you more information about her history and her medical needs. And someone from the medical team will also talk to you and tell you her story. But she's doing great right now, and the hope is that her forever home will be able to continue to keep her steady and healthy, and stable. And she's just been an absolute joy to foster for the last five months. And we look forward to her having her forever home."

To adopt Fanta you can reach out to the Woods Humane Society shelter in San Luis Obispo at (805) 543-9316 and they will coordinate with the foster family. If you are looking for a different pet now is the time! During their spring shelter break promotion, all pets are available for only 50 dollars, including puppies and kittens.

For more information check out this link.