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Pet of the week "Jonah" is ready for a new home after a life changing year

Posted at 9:00 AM, Jul 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-29 12:00:06-04

Animal shelters across the country are facing overcrowding, forcing them to make some tough decisions.

Earlier this year, Woods Humane Society took a chance on a pet that was running out of time at another shelter. Now After a long road of healing, Jonah is now our pet of the week.

Robin Coleman from Woods Humane Society sat down with the KSBY team and Jonah to see what makes him so special!

Coleman said "This is our friend Jonah. We absolutely adore Jonah. He is one of the best dogs that we have ever met here at woods humane society. He's about a two year old mastiff mix, we think, but he has been with us since April. He came to us when he was out of time at a different shelter where they did not have the resources for him."

The shelter, outside of San Luis Obispo County was simply out of room and was facing euthanasia for Jonah. At the very last minute, Woods humane society stepped up to help!

The dog they picked up was just a shell of the current version of Jonah. Coleman continued, "he was super skinny. He has scars all over his face. He had a hip surgery and an eye surgery thanks to Woods and this community. But we have got him on all fixed up and healed up. He is ready for his forever home."

Since Jonah arrived at Woods Humane Society he was skin and bones, since then he has gained 30 pounds and is now at a healthy weight.

Coleman continued "we are looking for a home, maybe a family with kids that will take him out to the beach. He loves to play. He loves to go to the water. He loves all people. He is a very special dog."

He is good with people and is a big fan of cuddling. Coleman explained "You guys will be lucky to have Jonah in your life like we have been. If you are interested in meeting Jonah, come on down to woods humane society. Come on in and meet him and fall in love like we have.”

Jonah will be available for adoption at noon Friday July 29th. Visit the Woods Humane Society website for more information.