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Pet of the week Wendy may be an odd mix but that just adds to her charm

Pet of the Week - Wendy
Posted at 8:11 AM, Feb 24, 2023

It is Friday and that means it is time to introduce you to our pet of the week. This week our pet of the week is Wendy, a four-year-old Basset Hound/Rottweiler mix who despite being an odd combination will make a wonderful addition to a Central Coast family.

We sat down with Robin Coleman and our Pet of the Week Wendy to find out more.

Coleman said "are you ready for this? Wendy is a four-year-old basset hound, Rotty mix. We think that's adorable. She's definitely one of a kind. She's got this long, strong body and these short, stubby legs, which we absolutely love."

Coleman continued "Wendy was a transfer over from the county shelter where she had been out for a little while. She was adopted here. She did chase some cats, so she may not be able to live with her cat friends. She can't resist chasing them. So we want to keep her safe and those kitties safe. So come on in and meet Wendy. She likes to go for a little stroll. She'll love to hang out in your yard with you and maybe in your garden on a warmer day. When she's not trying to stay warm in this chilly weather, she loves to play in the water she plays in the hose here, and likes to chase it.

"She likes treats and strolling around. But most of all, she wants to get out of the shelter. She does not love it here. We keep her up at our offices and she'll greet you up in customer service usually. So we would love to get her her dream come true and get her out of the shelter. You can meet her and all of our other adoptable animals here at Woods.

Wendy will be available at noon today for adoption at the Woods Humane Society shelter in San Luis Obispo along with all the other pets.

For more information on our pet of the week or the other available pets visit this link!