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Pets need extra attention when temperatures are higher than normal

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Posted at 6:15 PM, Aug 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-01 01:53:56-04

Sweltering heat is hard on everyone, but pets need extra attention when temperatures are higher than normal.

Paso Robles Veterinary Clinic Medical Director Keith Harp says it is best to keep pets indoors in an air-conditioned environment.

"If that is not possible, if they're outdoor dogs, hopefully, they're acclimated. Shady spots, plenty of fresh water and then providing a cool or cold swimming pool for them," Harp said.

Harp warns against walking your dog on asphalt when temperatures are in the triple digits.

"The temperature down at the pavement within a couple feet is going to be anywhere from 3-10 degrees hotter than it is up here where we're at so those pets are actually exposed to much higher temperatures," Harp said.

The temperature of the asphalt itself can also be dangerous and potentially injure your pet.

"If you can't walk on the pavement barefoot, your pets can't walk on the pavement. It's way too hot," said Dalanie Villa, Paso Robles Veterinary Medical Clinic Office Manager.

To avoid damaging their paws, the clinic recommends purchasing boots from a local pet supply store.

"If you're not really looking to spend a whole lot of money, socks, your own socks, slip over their feet just to help protect against the pavement," Villa said.

And if you're looking to give your dog a treat while temperatures are high...

"I really like to freeze some of my dog's kibble or some of his favorite treats in low-sodium chicken broth or water and give that to them as a fun treat to help keep them cool as well," Villa added.

Harp says in addition to providing shady, cool places and plenty of water for your pet, you can also put a large fan on bigger animals to keep them cool, especially if your home doesn't have air conditioning.