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Pismo Beach City Council proposes new ordinances for future businesses

The ordinances are aimed at preventing an overlap in similar storefronts
Posted at 6:48 PM, Oct 04, 2019

The Pismo Beach City Council has proposed new ordinances to further regulate the types of new shops that open for business.

According to the city, the ordinances are aimed at preventing an overlap of similar storefronts.

The ordinances cover four categories:

Category 1: (Primary massage uses) requires new shops to have a Conditional Used Permit (CUP), special performance standards, and 1,000 feet separation from similar uses

Category 2: (Tattoo Parlors) requires special performance standards and 1,000 separation from other similar uses

Category 3: (Pawn shops, resale shops, smoke shops, check cashing, payday loan businesses, and gold and silver exchanges) requires 1,000 feet separation from other similar uses

Category 4: (Accessory massage uses) requires special performance standards

Jorge Garcia, Management Services Director for Pismo Beach, believes the proposed permanent ordinances are a good way to regulate incoming businesses.

"Previously, we had a moratorium which prohibited new or the expansion of these businesses so now we'll be able to regulate how these different types of businesses move in the city moving forward," Garcia added.

Keith Duggan, owner of INK Dynasty in Pismo Beach, says he appreciated the city's concern for serving the community while still managing the needs of local businesses.

"I think it's good to have competition, it helps everybody grow more. The fact that they are making it so that only so many can go in a certain area makes it so that it doesn't get oversaturated," Duggan said.

The city council is expected to continue discussion on the ordinances in November.