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Pismo Beach cracking down on off-leash dogs, smoking in public

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Posted at 3:01 PM, Feb 10, 2022

With the warmer weather and more people hitting the beach, it’s important to know local beach rules and regulations.

Beginning on Monday, the City of Pismo Beach will start cracking down on things like smoking and dogs that are off-leash. Some locals we talked with said these are growing issues.

There are signs all over Pismo Beach listing the beach regulations. Those who spend time here know that one of them is violated more than others.

“I've been bitten before. My husband's been chased before,” said Jerri Ann Hibberd, Pismo Beach resident.

There are dog beaches in Avila Beach and Morro Bay, where four-legged friends can run without a leash, but Pismo Beach does not have one. Fido must be leashed or violators may have to pay a minimum fine of $100.

Another common violation spotted by locals is public smoking.

“In the summer, I walk from one end of the boardwalk to the other and anywhere between five and ten people,” said Mark Jarrosiak, Grover Beach resident.

The City of Pismo put a non-smoking ordinance in place back in 2019 to the praise of those with health issues.

“I have emphysema so when I'm around smoke, it's one of my triggers and it means I can't breathe very well,” Hibberd said.

All of these municipal code violations will be targeted with the help of the City’s Community Service Technician Program. It was launched a couple of years ago and it’s staffed with two former parking employees.

“They will focus on education but they will be out there to enforce as well,” said Commander Chris Trimble, Pismo Beach Police Department.

The city says there was roughly a year-long pause in enforcement due to staffing but it’ll soon pick back up again.

Meanwhile, with no dog park in the immediate area, the City of Pismo Beach is looking at its options for Spyglass Park.

“Starting in July, staff will finalize the development plans for a dog park here in Pismo,” said Jorge Garcia, City of Pismo Beach Assistant City Manager.

Next week, you can expect to see CST Program employees out at the beach, parks, and the downtown corridor addressing the city’s regulations.

“Out there with extra eyes and hopefully, make a change,” said Commander Trimble.

The city says CST employees will be out patrolling seven days a week.