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Pismo Beach ovarian cancer patient kite surfs with doctor

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Posted at 10:38 PM, Sep 27, 2020

An ovarian cancer patient battling the disease for nearly a decade has found strength in kite surfing and camaraderie with an unlikely friend.

67-year-old Pismo Beach woman, Jerri Rudd, who's been fighting ovarian cancer since 2011, found out her doctor, Dr. Erin Chamberlain, also enjoys the sport.

Dr. Chamberlain practices at the UCLA Cancer Clinic in San Luis Obispo and turns out her husband is a professional kite surfer as well.

Together, Rudd and Dr. Chamberlain say they hope to spread awareness of ovarian cancer and how important it is to seek help.

"This doesn't have to be unique to Jerri. I want for all my patients to have the option for quality of life and duration of life," Dr. Erin Chamberlain said.

Health experts say more than 80% of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed during advanced stages when it is hardest to treat successfully.

"Maybe I'm just extremely fortunate to be able to get through it and keep going. I'm just very thankful," Rudd said.