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Pismo Beach Planning Commission to consider approving mixed-use condo building in downtown

Posted at 10:50 PM, Dec 09, 2019

A new mixed-use condo development could be coming to downtown Pismo Beach.

The proposed building would span 20,641 square feet and would include residential units, restaurant space, and retail space.

On Tuesday the city's planning commission could approve or deny the project.

The architects of the new building say they see this building as being a part of the new wave of upscale buildings in Pismo Beach, but some locals fear it may eventually take away the small town charm.

Architects and a Price Street land owner are hoping third time's the charm as their proposed mixed use condo building heads to the Pismo Beach Planning Commission.

"The zoning allows for mixed use which is a combination of both commercial and residential. The planning commission is taking it upon themselves to re-look at those zoning practices in downtown and they seem to be in disagreement with what we want to do," said architect, Steve Puglisi.

The proposed building includes: two commercial retail spaces, one commercial restaurant space, five residential condo units, and a roof deck.

This building would take the place of the existing businesses on Price Street: Pismo Bob's, Pismo Beach Optix and House of the Rising Buns.

The building's owner, Bob Pringle, says he hopes however, those businesses don't go too far.

"Bob has it in mind that those three business opportunities could become the three commercial uses of this new building," Puglisi said.

This project comes as part of the new wave of upscale buildings in Pismo Beach, something that's a bit concerning to some local residents.

"It's such a special little place; this old California beach town that it's slowly losing little bits of its charm as the years go on and the bigger buildings get built up," said Nicole Chanley, Pismo Beach Resident.

The developers of the project say they hope to keep the casualness of the downtown with the building's strategic design.

"The design of my building tries to emphasize that - upscale but keeping a very colloquial look," Puglisi said.

We reached out to the city for comment and they declined.

If the project gets approved, those involved say they anticipate starting construction immediately.

The planning commission meeting is at 6 p.m. Tuesday night at City Hall.