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Pismo Preserve closed due to 'inadequate opportunity for social distancing'

Posted: 12:20 PM, Mar 23, 2020
Updated: 2020-03-23 22:23:32-04
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The Land Conservatory of San Luis Obispo County announced the closure of the Pismo Preserve on Monday.

The Land Conservatory says that due to the design of the trails, constraints of the parking lot and restrooms, and the numbers of visitors in the last few days, the Pismo Preserve does not provide adequate opportunity for social distancing.

The Pismo Preserve has been a popular trail since opening in January, providing recreation and views to an area of the County that had limited access to upland trails before.

The Land Conservatory wants to reassure the community that they are not closing forever, and plan to reopen when it is deemed safe amid the current coronavirus outbreak.

In a press release the conservatory says they understand that the community has a need to stay active and healthy, and advise community members to take a walk around their block, or a bike ride through their neighborhood in an effort to keep their body and mind healthy.