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Police investigating reported attack on Black man in Pismo Beach

Posted at 6:05 PM, Apr 22, 2021

The City of Pismo Beach is asking anyone who witnessed an attack on a young Black man earlier this month to contact the police department.

City officials say they were made aware of the attack after a "Letter to the Editor" was published in The Tribune on Thursday, April 22.

In the letter, a man identified as Ed Atkins of Vallejo says that during a recent visit to Pismo Beach, his daughter's boyfriend was beaten by four white males in what he believes was a racist attack that "seemed driven by their intolerance of a mixed race couple."

"They followed us down to Brad's Restaurant, where we planned to celebrate my birthday dinner, and all four attacked Eli and beat him mercilessly until bloody and swollen, right on the front sidewalk entrance to Brads," the letter says.

City officials say the Pismo Beach Police Department has opened an investigation into the incident and detectives have begun collecting video evidence, contacting businesses, and looking for witnesses.

Police are reportedly attempting to contact the victim to take a report.

"Racism, violence, and hate are not welcome in Pismo Beach," city officials said in a press release issued Thursday. "Those that violate the community will be found and prosecuted."

The attack reportedly occurred on April 7, 2021. Anyone with information, photos, or videos related to this incident is asked to contact police at (805) 773-2208.