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Poly Royal Rodeo weekend kicks off at Cal Poly

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Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-12 23:08:18-04

The second-largest college rodeo in the United States takes place in San Luis Obispo, and it kicks off Wednesday.

The Poly Royal Rodeo is underway at the Cotton Rosser Rodeo complex at Cal Poly with a students-only event, concession stands, performers, and students hard at work prepping for the rodeo this weekend.

The sold-out show gives students an opportunity to check out the rodeo team that will be competing in the Friday and Saturday slacks.

The top ten performers in each event from Friday night and Saturday morning will compete Saturday night in a "short-go".

"Our Wednesday night performance for the students is the perfect opportunity to kind of do a little bit of 'run a show'. What's everything going to look like on Friday and Saturday? It's a practice run for all of our athletes and everyone kind of gets their nerves out for the weekend," said Kindra Fulton, Cal Poly Rodeo Program Coordinator.

The show is run by students taking the Winter Quarter Poly Rodeo course that features members of the rodeo team and students looking to get into event planning. After the rodeo on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, ticket holders can attend a live concert.

"Wednesday night for a student night, we have Ryan Griffin. And then on Friday night, we have Kylie Frey and Justin Lawrence and the double average band. And then on Saturday night, we have Chancey Williams," said Fulton.

The 'short-go' on Saturday night will begin with a recognition of the 1973 rodeo team champions, four of the six will be present.

If you're looking for tickets for the 2024 season, start planning now.

For more information on the rodeo, and event times, click here.