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Premiere of Pismo Plaza Friday brightens up the city for upcoming holiday weekend

Posted at 11:18 PM, Sep 04, 2020

After nearly one year of construction, the Pismo Beach Plaza and Pier opened Friday with no alert to the public.

The official opening came as a surprise to many people, who have been anxiously awaiting the project to complete.

"I’m ecstatic, been waiting for it for a few years now," Elvenia Delacruz, a Clovis resident, said.

The city of Pismo Beach did not formally announce the opening Friday. One local says he heard through word of mouth from those in the city.

“They’ve really been working hard to get the construction completed and they actually completed it a little bit sooner than what people expected," Greg Koepp, a Grover Beach resident, said.

One delay in the Plaza's opening was due to a mess from pigeons on the pier. Locals say they have seen the city work to power clean the pier.

The updated plaza features new pavement, a slide down to the sand, and bright letters reading 'Pismo Beach' which light up at night.

One local says the opening brings concern for crowds as Labor Day weekend approaches.

“I think it will attract people to come more because I think a lot of people want to take pictures in front of that sign," Jennifer Anderson, an Oceano resident, said. “I just don’t want our numbers to go crazy for COVID."

The majority of beach-goers were eager to see the surprise Friday and feel the new open space is a benefit for the city.

“I think this is actually going to spread out the people on the sidewalks, around the restaurants, it's going to open things back up," Koepp said.

A spokesperson from the City of Pismo Beach says they have adjusted staffing in anticipation for the long weekend and warm weather.

They are asking those who choose to come to the Pismo Plaza this holiday weekend to social distance and wear a face covering.