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'Prolonged summer': Hot weather and European travelers keeping Central Coast beaches busy

Pismo Beach Splash Cafe
Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 28, 2023

Even though school is back in session for most students, this week’s hot weather is bringing an influx of tourists to places like Pismo Beach.

Business managers and owners call it a "prolonged summer."

“We had a real lull last week when the kids all went back to school," said Kira Castellanos, Splash Café General Manager. "This Monday, this morning was kind of reminiscent of a summer Monday. It gets a lot hotter here in the September, October months."

Castellanos says even the hottest days in Pismo Beach are still bearable. The breeze from the ocean keeps visitors coming back.

Surf and bike rental shops are also keeping busy during the warmer weather thanks in part to European travelers.

“We do have a large amount of European people coming in through our shop now," said Bill Bookout, owner of Pismo Beach Surf Shop. "Right now, a lot of the San Joaquin Valley people, people from LA getting out where it's even hotter than in Pismo, and they want to go to the coast where they get the coastal air and they get to relax."

With Labor Day approaching, businesses suggest booking surf and bike rentals in advance if you plan to visit the beach.