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Proposed Cayucos hotel faces Coastal Commission appeal

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Posted at 4:03 PM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 01:46:27-04

A new hotel is in the pipeline for Cayucos but first, the Coastal Commission is set to hear an appeal next week.

This comes after the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission approved a new three-story, 17-unit hotel for a blufftop, oceanfront property in Cayucos.

It's located next to Cayucos Creek along North Ocean Avenue.

The future Cobb Hotel could be a new option for tourists and locals alike near the heart of downtown.

"It's an attribute to their community," said Pamela Jardini, owner of Planning Solutions Land Use Firm, who represents the applicants. "It's a small boutique hotel."

District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson says a new hotel hasn't gone up in Cayucos since the late 90s to early 2000s.

"Most of Cayucos is pretty well developed and there aren't all that many vacant lots," Gibson said.

The 35-foot tall, 20,000+ square foot project would have amenities like a day spa health center, an outdoor swimming pool, a small area for continental breakfast, a bar, and a pedestrian path.

There would also be 21 parking spots for guests.

"It could be nice to have another building here," said Becky Fernandez of Cayucos. "I don't see an issue with that."

Others tell us they're concerned with a potential increase in traffic and more people in general.

"I think that the use could go toward something that could be more inclusive to a lot of people," said Maria Moynier of Cambria.

"There's a lot of vacant buildings on the block but I think some of that should be assessed before we're adding new buildings," said Weston Hennigh, owner of Good Clean Fun Surf & Sport.

On August 12, the Coastal Commission is set to hear an appeal of the project filed by two commissioners.

"What's under consideration is whether the appeal raises a substantial issue," Gibson said.

The staff recommendation summary says one concern is that the project has potential exposure to waves, sea level rise, and bluff erosion. Other concerns include lack of parking and low-cost accommodations, hindering views, and not meeting community character.

But Planning Solutions Land Use Firm, which is working with the applicants, filed a response to each concern addressing the misconceptions.

"We actually drove around with Cayucos Advisory Council members to look at the materials, the design that they wanted, the color schemes that they wanted," Jardini explained. "Those were all incorporated into the hotel so that it fits into the character of Cayucos."

If the commission determines there is a substantial issue then there will be a hearing on the project set for a later date.

The Coastal Commission meeting on the appeal of this project is August 12 at 9 a.m.