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Protesters call for justice in 'mismanagement' of Lompoc Federal Prison COVID-19 outbreak

Posted at 4:52 PM, May 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-25 00:27:10-04

Protesters gathered in Lompoc to call for justice in the "mismanagement" of the COVID-19 outbreak at the Lompoc Federal Prison.

Showing Up for Racial Justice Santa Barbara (SURJ SB) joined other organizers on Sunday, May 24th for a safe, social distance car protest in solidarity with prisoners, their families and loved ones against inhumane prison conditions at Lompoc Prison that threaten both inmates and the larger community.

Family, friends and supporters gathered at Ryon Park to protest what they say are "cruel and unusual punishments" of Lompoc Prison inmates.

The protest began with a rally and people held signs that read "#PrisonLivesMatter".

Protesters are demanding the following:
1. Home release of non-violent criminals so they can social distance
2. Improved sanitation
3. Access to proper medical treatment
4. Implementation of iPad communication with families for better mental health

Protesters are demanding the release of non-violent inmates so they can follow social distancing, improved sanitation, access to medical treatment and better communication between inmates and families.

Last week, the ACLU of Southern California filed a class action lawsuit against the Lompoc Federal Prison for "mismanaging" the COVID-19 outbreak.