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Recovering locals honored in 'Victory Trip' celebration

Posted at 5:00 PM, Aug 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-26 01:54:24-04
Recovering locals honored in 'Victory Trip' celebration

The 17 Strong Foundation held a celebration in Pismo Beach Saturday for individuals who have been granted 'Victory Trips' after battling disease.

A 'Victory Trip' is designed to give a recovering patient an opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream and "celebrate victory."

Individuals can choose to travel wherever they want with a partner. The foundation pays for the whole trip through donations.

Recipients of the 'Victory Trip' have traveled to countries like Thailand, Italy or Japan. Others choose to travel within the United States or even California.

One of the recipients, Leslie Hedges, says she was surprised when she was granted a trip to Portugal.

"I just couldn't stop crying. it was just nothing but pure faith and grace and appreciation and joy and I could not stop crying because I had no clue," Hedges said.

Ryan Teixeira founded the 17 Strong Foundation non-profit in 2017 while battling cancer himself. He believed every patient who fought a catastrophic disease deserved a 'Victory Trip.'

The foundation raises funds through charitable events and donations by businesses and individuals.