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Reservations filling up at popular vacation spot in Morro Bay

RV Rebound
Posted at 7:12 PM, Jul 01, 2021

The Morro Dunes RV Park is just steps away from the beach and keeps visitors coming back year after year. But due to reservations filling up at an accelerated rate, that might not be possible for some next year.

"I guess they like us," said RV park owner Doug Classen.

People like the Morro Dunes RV park so much that on Wednesday night, people camped in the street, some for over 12 hours, hoping to secure a spot in the RV park for next July.

"Last night, at the first of each month we take reservations for the following year. Last night we closed up at 5:30 and there was probably already some people there this morning at 5 o'clock maybe 60 or 70 people lined up waiting for us to open up," Classen said.

He says he and his staff took reservations for about two and a half hours this morning, which is the first day people could make reservations for next July.

Classen says they are mostly filled up for the rest of the year

"People call in and they try to get in and if we can help them we do it and if not then we're just out of luck and everyone in town kind of calls around to see if they have any spots. We kind of work together," said Classen.

"Yesterday we asked if there was another spot opening and they said no and they said come back tomorrow and there might be one and sure enough there was so I think we just got the luck of the draw for that one," said camper Dylan Ross.

Ross and Bryan Major were able to secure a reservation at the RV park this weekend due to cancellations.

"And they had no reservations available but they had a cancellation so we got in," said Major.

Other Central Coast resorts are also fully booked this holiday weekend. Bayfront Inn and Anderson Inn are both full for the 4th of July.

Beach N Bay Getaways and U Relax Vacation rentals say all 60 of their properties in Morro Bay, Cayucos, Los Osos, and Paso Robles are fully booked for the 4th as well.

Major says the biggest draw to this RV park is the location.

"You can step right out of the RV camping area and be right at the beach within 30 seconds," said Major.

Most people visiting the Central Coast agree on one thing.

"It's absolutely awesome," said Major.