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Residents take rainfall in stride as winter storm soaks the Central Coast

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Posted at 10:46 PM, Dec 01, 2022

After a dry start to the year, the Central Coast got some much-needed rain today, but the wet weather brings increased risks on the roads.

Heavy rain made for treacherous driving conditions across the Central Coast on Thursday evening.

A driver spun out and hit a guardrail along northbound Highway 101 just past Spyglass Drive in Shell Beach.

No injuries were reported but this was one of multiple accidents reported across SLO County.

In Downtown San Luis Obispo, the rain led to the cancelation of the Thursday night farmer’s market, but there were still plenty of people out and about.

Many came out to enjoy the holiday light display at Mission Plaza, despite the pouring rain.

“I’d say it’s a welcome sight,” said San Luis Obispo Resident Lesley Chapman.

“We’ve got out not-quite rainproof jackets on for the one day it rains in SLO,” added Linda Bertelson.

Steady rainfall filled storm drains in San Luis Obispo and in Morro Bay, water began to pool at the intersection of Hill Street and Main Street.

At nearby Spencer’s Fresh Market, employees took the proper precautions while gathering shopping carts in the parking lot.

“It can be easy if you’re wearing a raincoat. If you don’t have a hood, it’s a little harder,” said Colton Sweeney, who works at the grocery store.

“You wanna walk out here really slowly, you never want to run in the rain and don’t wear anything dark--wear something light colored so people can see you.”

“I wish it would rain for a month straight just to build back the lakes so we can get the recreation back,” said Corey Miles, who also works at Spencer’s Fresh Markets

the rain, while beneficial, was still disruptive for people taking care of errands.

“I thought it was great until I was caught in it while it was going sideways when I was coming outside of Costco today,” said Morro Bay resident Rebecca Carter. “That was cold and wet because I didn’t bring the right jacket.”

Central Coast storms, for others, are a walk in the park compared to what they’re used to dealing with.

I’m from Portland, Oregon and so to me, this is not rain—this is just a little sprinkle,” said Morro Bay resident Wynde Dyer. “For the sake of the environment and for the plants, the people, the smoke and the air quality, this is exactly what we need.”

Authorities urge anyone driving in the rain to take it slow and look out for any standing water.