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Customers abandon their go-to gas station for a cheaper option

California High Gas Prices
Posted at 6:42 AM, Mar 10, 2022

Prices at the pump are rising. In many cases, this has caused customers to abandon their go-to gas station for a cheaper option.

"I guess it's a blessing to be paying $5.69 per gallon. I never thought I'd say that," said San Luis Obispo resident, Bradley Dennis, said on Wednesday.

If you're looking to fill up your gas tank at one of the cheapest gas stations in the county, the Speedway Express on Foothill and Santa Rosa, it's going to cost you about $5.39 per gallon, but if you walk across the street to the Chevron you're looking at a price increase of about $0.60 per gallon.

"So definitely drove down from Los Osos to get gas here. It's a lot cheaper, so yeah. Hopefully prices go down soon," said Los Osos resident, Aish Shirahatti.

Customers say the Speedway Express has the lowest gas price they've seen within San Luis Obispo County in days.

"Definitely the lowest I've seen in SLO so far. Kind of ridiculous how high it's gotten," said Shirahatti.

"Looking at the gas prices right now, I notice they're considerably lower than across the street," said Dennis.

"I looked over at Chevron and it doesn't look that cheap. It's around $6.00 per gallon while over here for my diesel car it's $5.99," San Luis Obispo resident, Vadim Volyashenko, said on Tuesday.

At the Chevron across the street gas is $5.99 per gallon, a $0.60 cent increase from the $5.39 per gallon across the street at Speedway Express, but Chevron isn't the only gas station people are avoiding due to the price increase.

"We usually go to a different gas station. It's called Conserv, but this one's a little bit cheaper obviously," said Volyashenko.

The gas prices in this article were reported on Wednesday, March 9, and may have changed since then.