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Roads in the City of Arroyo Grande are undergoing repairs after poor assessment

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Posted at 7:30 PM, Aug 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-19 00:40:22-04

Streets in the City of Arroyo Grande scored just 56 out of 100 in a recent assessment, 13 points lower than in 2016. Without repairs, city officials say they’ll continue to degrade significantly.

To prevent this from happening, the city has started repairs and is planning for more.

"Our sales tax measure that's upcoming, we're going to go to the November ballot for a 1% increase in our sales tax," said Bill Robeson, Arroyo Grande Assistant City Manager & Public Works Director.

The increase will raise the sales tax to 8.75. The money will mainly be used for repairs to sidewalks, streets and stormwater infrastructure. The city is also bringing a street repairs package to the council next week.

"The street repairs package that we're going to the council with on the 23rd, it doesn't really rely on the sales tax at this point," Robeson said.

He says they don't use sales tax money for that project, but they are hoping the sales tax measure goes through because it will allow for a more consistent and predictable amount of money to put toward streets and infrastructure, giving them a clear long-term plan.

Residents agree the roads in Arroyo Grande could be improved.

"I think our roads need more maintenance. They're so-so," said Mike Fuller, Arroyo Grande resident.

"Potholes and different types of erosion is starting to show itselves not only in the village, but everywhere in AG," said Kacey Collins, Sidewalk Cafe owner.

The City of Arroyo Grande has already completed some road repairs.

Fuller says he didn’t see a big impact on traffic.

"A little bit, nothing major so far," he said.

In January of 2024, the bridge on Traffic Way will be closed while it is being replaced, causing lane closures and lost parking spots outside businesses lining the street, like the Sidewalk Cafe. The bridge is estimated to fully reopen in February of 2025.

"When they do the lane closures, they're going to take away all of our parking here and they're going to change it into double lanes going out," Collins said.

The cafe has also been impacted by parklets taking away parking spots formerly available downtown and will lose even more spaces to the road repair projects.

"So, I mean, I want to say it's probably around 50 percent of the parking that they'll take away," Collins said.

As a business owner, Collins says the drastic reduction in available parking spaces is stressful, but they will be okay.

According to the City of Arroyo Grande, these closure time frames are just estimates and have not yet been fully determined.