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Rural Arroyo Grande residents raise concerns about speeding, reckless driving

Posted at 10:32 PM, Oct 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-22 02:44:35-04

Some people who live in rural Arroyo Grande say that speeding and reckless driving are becoming too common along Noyes Road and Old Oak Park Road.

“Recently, we’ve had two or three accidents right on the corner of Printz and Noyes where cars are landing in the culvert and taking out our fence and the neighbor’s fences and the trees,” said Kim Okerson, who lives near the corner of Noyes and Printz Road.

“We are repeatedly replacing our fencing which is really a hazard because our fencing is functional, we keep animals in our pasture and when the fencing goes down, the animals go out,” said Carolyn Moffett, who also lives nearby.

Marcia Kyn Carter lives off of Printz Road. She says she was almost hit last week while turning off of Noyes Road onto Printz.

“The minute I got within 100 feet of Printz Road which is my home road—before I could even turn my signal on, these two cars blasted around me and the last one almost clipped my fender,” said Carter.

San Luis Obispo County Fourth District Supervisor Lynn Compton says she first heard concerns from people in the area this week. Those concerns were referred to county public works which says its engineers will review the residents’ request for more stop signs.

A traffic study will be conducted to see if any safety improvements are warranted.

The California Highway Patrol is responsible for the enforcement on county roads and has two officers that patrol the area two to three times a day.

“CHP are out here as often as they can be in the mornings especially, but in the afternoons—traffic starts up around 4 o’clock until around 5:30 and it just really is concerning for anyone making a turn onto one of the side streets like Printz,” said Okerson.

As part of the traffic study, public works will take data from the CHP to determine if there is a higher number of accidents than usual for a county road.

The CHP says to call 911 to report reckless driving.