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Safety tips for May Motorcycle Awareness Month

Posted at 1:18 PM, May 01, 2023

During May’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the Goleta Police Department would like to remind drivers to always look twice for motorcycles, according to a press release.

The Goleta Police Dept. and Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office officials say the top primary crash factors for motorcycles are unsafe speed, improper turning, right-of-way violations, driving under the influence, and unsafe lane changes. Speeding is the most common, accounting for nearly a third of all crashes in the state.

To help protect the community, police officials would like the public to keep the following tips in mind while driving or riding:

· Always check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes.
· Do not follow a motorcycle too closely. Always keep a safe distance.
· If you see a motorcycle with a signal on, be careful. Be sure that the rider is turning before moving ahead.
· Remember, lane sharing or lane splitting is legal in California.

· Always wear a U.S. DOT-compliant helmet with eye protection.
· Wear leather or other sturdy clothing such as a jacket, pants, boots with nonskid soles, and gloves. Add reflective strips or decals to your clothing and motorcycle to make it easier for other drivers to see you.
· Ride defensively. Don’t assume a driver can see you. Avoid riding in a driver’s blind spot.
· Always keep your lights on, even during the day.