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San Luis Obispo City Council holds special disaster meeting

Posted at 5:55 PM, May 08, 2020

Via teleconference, San Luis Obispo City Council members discussed a series of issues.

The local emergency to support public health orders will continue to comply with state's current May 16 date.

Previously, the council ordered for the selling of all vaping products to wrap up by May 1st, but due to the local emergency order, they have extended that until September.

Council members also discussed whether face masks should be required in the city.

“If we each individual city’s start doing 'you’re doing this kind of mask and we’re doing this kind of mask', it’s going to get really confusing,” said Carlyn Chritianson, a council member.

Mayor Heidi Harmon was the only one in favor of the ordinance. Other council members said they wanted to avoid confusion within residents.

Additionally, Parks and Rec presented potential plans for summer school and the upcoming school year for grades K-6th grade.

Phase one of that plan would allow for nine children per one childcare provider.

It would also be centered around a "bubble approach" that includes no field trips or group play, prepacked snacks being provided and the use of no-touch garbage cans.

Those plans, however, will depend on when the school districts announce specific return to school dates.

“Using our staff, existing staff, we would be able to mobilize all of our staff pretty quickly once we get the all clear,” said Greg Avakian, Director for Parks and recreation for City of San Luis Obispo.

Those plans, however, will depend on when school districts announce specific return to school dates.

The budget for how the city would move forward with schooling will be discussed in June and later revised in October.