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San Luis Obispo Police Department is increasing patrols for distracted drivers

SLO police
Posted at 7:03 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-22 00:49:10-04

The San Luis Obispo Police Department is increasing patrols tomorrow, looking out for drivers violating the California hands-free cell phone law.

Drivers are not allowed to hold a cell phone while driving.

This includes talking, texting, or using an app on your cell phone.

A driver caught using their cell phone faces a $157 fine for their first offense.

“Distracted driving is a serious issue, but one that can be easily solved simply by putting the phone down,” said Sergeant Jeff Booth, in a statement. “That text, phone call, email or social media post can wait.”

Police advise drivers to pull over to a safe parking spot if you have an important phone call or if you need to program directions into your GPS.

Drivers should also silence their phone or put it somewhere they can’t reach while driving.