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San Luis Obispo Public Works Department sees an increase in potholes after the rain

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jan 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-06 22:48:21-05

All the rain we’ve had recently has produced some issues on the road — including potholes.

After a storm, the San Luis Obispo Public Works Department says they see an increase in potholes all over the city. Once the storm stops, they send crews out to fill the potholes.

“We’ve had an unusual amount of rain within the city over the past month which has exposed a lot of new potholes within the city and so the streets crew has been very busy over the month of December and now into January filling those potholes," said Greg Cruce, City of San Luis Obispo Deputy Director of Public Works.

Any time there’s a storm and it’s raining, Public Works recommends you slow down while driving and be aware of the possibility of potholes and flooding in the roadway. If you come across a pothole on your commute, you can report it to your city’s public works department.

With more rain expected next week, the City of San Luis Obispo has four locations where you can fill sandbags used to divert water. You can find those locations on thecity’s website.