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San Luis Obispo resident rides equivalent of Earth's circumference

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Posted at 5:44 PM, Oct 06, 2021

A San Luis Obispo resident rode the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth on his bike.

Tony Murphy took 11 years to ride 24,901 miles on his bike, which is the same as one time around the Earth.

He achieved the goal by riding an average of six miles a day.

He rode his bike every third day and would ride up to 30 miles a day.

When Murphy completed the goal, he told all his kids and grandchildren about the achievement.

“I would recommend anybody retirement age if they had an inkling that they would ride a bike, go for it. Go for it. I mean, I come away from a bike ride and I just feel alive and vital, and I feel that way as I'm riding as well,” said Murphy.

Murphy picked up biking when he retired to San Luis Obispo from Pasadena in 2010.

When Murphy completed his goal, his son Chris challenged him to ride the circumference of the Earth in reverse.

Murphy instead set upon the more realistic goal of riding the circumference of the moon.

That would be 6,784 of bike riding.

Murphy expects to complete the goal in around three years.