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Santa Barbara Airport reopens, allowing travelers to go home

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Posted at 8:54 PM, Jan 11, 2023

The rain has passed for now and it’s allowing travelers to get back to their destinations.

The Santa Barbara Airport was forced to close on Monday because of the heavy rainfall.

The airport reopened today, with dozens of travelers checking in with their airlines hoping they can make it out of Santa Barbara today.

Dave Blankmeyer was one of those travelers.

"I'm very excited to go home right now. I have some things to do at home and the weather has kept me away from those," said Blankmeyer.

He was supposed to head back to Minnesota Monday, but what better way to spend stormy days that with your best friend since 8th grade.

"At 81 years old, we're doing a cross country relationship," said Jane Grande, who lives in Santa Barbara.

The two watched the storm, snapping photos of the raindrops.

"We went to dinner— look at the sunset the beautiful sunset and then came the rain," said Blankmeyer.