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Santa Maria City Council votes to add "No Stopping Zones" along five roads

Posted at 5:45 PM, Sep 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-21 22:06:56-04

In the coming weeks, people in Santa Maria may see an increase in "No Stopping Zones" on the west side of the city.

On Tuesday evening, the Santa Maria City Council voted unanimously to add additional "No Stopping" signs along five roads between Main Street and Betteravia.

In the past few years, local businesses in these areas have reported an increase in vandalism, loitering and safety concerns. The city says this latest ruling could be a solution.

"A lot of the RVs come in and park here long term," said business owner Lisa Morales.

Her business, M&W Pumps, is located just off the corner of Blosser Road and Furukawa Way, one of the several streets where "No Stopping Zones" will soon be added.

"The city has received multiple complaints from businesses in that area, which is a largely industrial area on the west side of town, about oversized vehicles parking overnight in front of their business but not supporting their business and leaving behind a lot of vandalism and litter," said Mark van de Kamp, City of Santa Maria Public Information Manager.

He says numerous local businesses have come forward to the city council to request something be done about the issue, and following Tuesday's decision, "No Stopping" signs will be placed along Hanson Way, White Court, Kameo Street, Furukawa Way, and La Brea Avenue.

Morales believes recent break-ins at her business can be attributed to vehicles parking long-term on Furukawa Way.

"In the past year, we have had at least six that we have had to call the police for," she said.

However, Morales' business, M&W Pumps, was not one of the local businesses that brought these concerns to the city, and they say they have some reservations about the coming changes.

"This particular area is really tight on parking," Morales added. "So, if they deem Furukawa a 'No Stopping Zone' for the whole street, I don't know where my employees are going to park, because the building that we are in does not have enough parking for us all."

She says the City of Santa Maria should consider a compromise to put an end to vehicles parking long-term, while not creating this separate issue for her business and others nearby.

"I think maybe they can solve it with permit parking, which I know other neighborhoods have talked about. That way, the people that belong there can prove that they belong there, and then the people that don't, can't stay," she told KSBY.

The city says there will be a brief grace period once the new signs go up on these streets, but soon after, strict regulation of this city council decision will be enforced by the Santa Maria Police Department.

We also spoke with some of the owners of vehicles parked overnight, but they refused to comment on the ruling.

Mark van de Kamp says the new signage coming to La Brea Avenue will also help reduce speeding and blind spots for drivers.

It is expected that the new signs will be added in the next 30 days.