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Santa Maria Police consider adjustments due to COVID-19

Posted at 6:06 PM, Mar 13, 2020

The Santa Maria Police Department is considering making changes to their response services due to the coronavirus.

Police say changes in responding to emergency calls is the worst case scenario if the coronavirus appears in Santa Maria.

For now, there have been no changes to the daily operations of the department. However, there currently are discussions on how to maximize the use of telephones.

Officers say they are also in the process of creating a procedure for disinfecting their equipment and vehicles if needed.

Lieutenant Russell Mengel of the Santa Maria Police Department assures that police will always respond to critical acts of violence. "Even under worst case conditions for the police officers, we still have a responsibility for life safety, it's our biggest priority," Mengel said.

The Police Department is requesting kindness and patience from the residents of Santa Maria as they continue to adjust with the updates on the virus.