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Santa Maria senior citizens advocate for affordable housing ordinance

Posted at 10:49 PM, Aug 20, 2019

Santa Maria senior citizens showed up to the city council meeting Tuesday to support an affordable housing ordinance for those living in mobile homes.

The "Enforceable Model Lease" highly impacts low income residents and senior citizens.

The current lease was created in 1999, and calls for an annual rent increase of at least 3%.

It is voluntary for homeowners and park owners to use.

The proposed lease for 2020 would look at adjusting the term and base rent, as well as sub-letting, capital improvement and low income assistance.

Supporters say the rent increases are hard on their fixed income. "We have to cut back on any luxuries," says Santa Maria resident Gary Hall, "a decrease in foods, enjoyment, entertainment. A lot of folks learn that their medical condition declines and cost of medicine and medical attention goes up and up. So there is less money to distribute across those different needs."

Those who attended the city council meeting on Tuesday say the city has been receptive and supportive of the plan.