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Serve Santa Maria volunteers help clean up city

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Posted at 12:39 PM, Apr 22, 2023

Serve Santa Maria hosted its city-wide volunteer event Saturday.

The event has volunteers spread out and clean up or maintain various parts of Santa Maria and nearby areas of the Central Coast.

“It's a great opportunity for us to, you know, spend some time with each other and meet new people. A lot of these people are, you know, teachers, city employees. You got a lot of students out here as well. So different ages, different backgrounds. It's nice to come together for a good cause,” said Edgar Gascon, a board member with Serve Santa Maria.

One group of volunteers painted the playground at Kermit Mckenzie Elementary School in Guadalupe.

Another cleaned up graffiti behind the Dollar Tree store on N. Broadway.

“This one was just paint, you know, graffiti abatement. You would have seen it full of graffiti down towards the end. And just a lot of it just chipped off. And you can just see a lot of wear and tear from it,” said Gascon.

Close to 200 volunteers showed up to help on various projects.

Serve Santa Maria officials say they try to do these events twice a year and usually have 15-20 projects they help with.