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Shell Beach residents voice concerns over bike path safety

Posted at 9:37 PM, Nov 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-10 02:47:00-05

A group of Shell Beach residents are raising concerns about speed and collisions along a pathway popular with both bicyclists and pedestrians.

“There was an incident where a lady who’s hard of hearing didn’t hear the biker behind her say ‘on your left,' and she didn’t know he was there. She walked into his path, but they didn’t actually collide, but they almost did, and everyone was very upset about that,” said Shell Beach Resident Anya Stanley.

“The mom was pulling her baby out of the car seat and her toddler was running around in circles on the path behind her and then the toddler got knocked over by the bicyclist. The bicyclist just kept going, I’m not sure they knew that they’d knocked the kid over,” said Shell Beach resident Cynthia Brown, who walks the path almost every day.

The group is now voicing support for new signs telling bicyclists to slow down, watch for and yield to pedestrians.

They would also clarify that the path is meant for walking and biking.

“Those are basically our objectives--that pedestrians know that they have to be more aware of their surroundings and that bikers know that they need to slow down and be more careful around pedestrians,” clarified Stanley.

Pismo Beach Assistant City Manager Jorge Garcia says the signs could go up in as little as three weeks if approved by the city council.

“The multi-use path is intended for all users and has been a great asset to the community,” he said. “We have seen it safely used and the additional signage will be a great reminder that this path is meant for safe travel.”

People who walk the path almost every day hope it becomes a safer place to go for a walk or a ride.

“I’m hoping the signs work, I like that as a first step,” added Brown.

The signs will be posted at three separate locations along this path if the city council greenlights the measure.