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Skimming devices found at bank ATMs in Lompoc

Bank of America customers are told to check their accounts
ATM card skimming incidents up 546 percent
Posted at 11:53 AM, Nov 17, 2022

Bank of America customers in Lompoc are being told to check their accounts closely after police say skimming devices were found in the bank’s ATMs.

Lompoc police say officers responded to the location on the 1400 block of N. H Street Wednesday after bank officials notified police that two skimming devices had been located in ATMs at that location.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, adding that they don’t know how long the skimmers were there or who may have been affected.

Police advise anyone who may have used these machines recently to monitor their accounts and call the bank to let them know your card may have been compromised and to also request a new card.

Officers say it’s a good idea for anyone using bank or credit cards at places like ATMs and gas pumps to check the machine and report any possible problems to the owner or non-emergency police dispatch line.

Anyone caught placing skimming devices can face fines, jail time or both.