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SLO City Manager addresses concerns of costs associated with unplanned protests

Posted at 11:26 PM, Aug 18, 2020

During the Aug. 18 San Luis Obispo City Council meeting, City Manager Derek Johnson took a moment to address the costs associated with the unplanned protests.

Johnson said there have been over 20 protests in recent weeks and so far just one event, a vigil held this past weekend, had a permit.

The City Manager's office said they are projecting a path towards exhausting the overtime budget from the police department and money will eventually need to come from reserves.

Johnson said with the city's current fee schedule, even with planned protests they only recoup a fraction of the costs associated with ensuring these events can be held safely.

The city said they are starting to have conversations with "known protest organizers" to encourage them to apply for permits and better coordinate with city staff what their plans are.