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Solvang closes major street to allow more space for small businesses

Posted at 3:46 PM, Jun 04, 2020

The City of Solvang is closing streets and opening business doors on Friday, June 5.

In an effort to reopen small businesses while complying with social distancing guidelines, the popular tourist destination dubbed the “Danish Capital of America” has allowed for one of its main roads, Copenhagen Drive, to be temporarily closed until July 4, pending any further changes.

This decision comes from the fact that most shops, eateries and tasting rooms that line the streets of Solvang do not have enough space indoors to accommodate customers, according to Solvang city officials.

“The closure of Copenhagen will allow these businesses to expand onto sidewalks, and even into parking spots in the street, providing outdoor seating in compliance with the new regulations,” explained Xenia Bradford, Solvang City Manager.

The closed portion of Copenhagen Drive will be replaced with deliberately-placed parklets adorned with greenery and string lights.

"The string lights add a sense of intimacy and warmth, which accompanies the general feeling that fresh air provides a safer environment for locals and visitors to enjoy Solvang’s downtown district,” said Scott Shuemake, President of IDK Events, Solvang’s current tourism marketing and events contractor.