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Solvang community members protest a potential development that would remove the Veteran's Memorial Hall

Posted at 10:53 PM, May 26, 2020

On Tuesday, a special city council meeting was held in Solvang to discuss a new development that could spell the end for the city's Veteran's Memorial Hall.

The new development would bring more retail and hotels for visitors. And though some community members recognized the benefit of expansion, they were also weary of the people it might bring to the city

But for a lot of protesters and city council meeting attendees, generating more revenue with a new development was not worth getting rid of their Veteran's Memorial Hall.

"[The Veteran's Memorial Hall] is one of these special little gems that we have in Solvang [...]," said Hans Duus, a Solvang resident and former councilman. "It's part of so many lives."

The proposed development that could impact the Veteran's Memorial Hall has no official plan and is still in the discussion phase.