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Some tips to keep in mind as freezing temperatures set in on the Central Coast

Posted at 7:45 PM, Nov 09, 2020

A reminder to take precautions when it comes to freezing temperatures as winter approaches.

This includes protecting your plants, pipes at your home, and also, safety out on the roads.

“We actually got down to 32, 31 a couple of weeks ago but last night got down to 21 degrees so in preparation we do cover plants,” said Jayme Finley, Owner of Finley Family Nursery.

Finley says plants like succulents and citrus need to be covered.

“Succulents have a lot of water in their leaves and so as soon as they freeze they generally melt and they won't be coming back,” Finley said.

Frost and freeze conditions will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation if not protected.

Other plants that are hardy don’t need to be covered.

“For example, fruit trees, lilacs, those are two specific plant materials that have to have cold in the winter to produce flowers or fruit,” Finley said.

Miner’s Ace Hardware in Atascadero says plant covers have been flying off the shelves, temporarily selling out over the weekend.

“There was a ton of people that came in (Sunday) for them and we put some more out earlier and they flew out as soon as we put them out,” said Noelle Spinks, Miner’s Ace Hardware Assistant Store Manager.

Pipe insulation which ranges from $2 to $12 is another hot ticket item since damage to outdoor plumbing is possible with the chilly temps.

“It’s a great idea to cover your pipes because it's definitely a cheap investment instead of hiring someone to come in and clean up a mess that's caused by broken pipes,” Spinks said.

Meantime, out on the streets, icy roads are possible.

While anywhere can get slick, the California Highway Patrol says there are some common problem areas in Northern San Luis Obispo County to keep in mind.

“101 down by Santa Barbara can be a slick spot,” said Officer Patrick Seebart of CHP Templeton. “Down by San Ramon near Home Depot that can be a spot where we have some slick roads. Out on G14 Interlake Road there's some spots out there that get slick and up on Highway 41 going into Kern County, Cottonwood Pass.”

The CHP adds that slowing down could prevent a crash.

“If they could avoid slamming on the brakes and don't overcorrect the steering wheel, that helps tremendously,” Officer Seebart said.

The colder temperatures are also another reminder to plan for extra time to defrost your vehicle windshield in the morning.