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Spring super bloom taking off around California Valley

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Posted at 10:32 PM, Apr 05, 2023

A near nonstop rainy season has led to a Spring super bloom.

The Temblor Range off Highway 58 east of California Valley is currently covered in vibrant colors as California’s super bloom takes off.

If you drive east of Santa Margarita, you’ll see plenty of yellow, orange, and blue--with mountainsides and valleys covered in wildflowers.

“I’m in Paso and we have some poppies in our backyard and stuff but nothing like this,” said Paso Robles Resident Levi J.

People from across the region drove to Shell Creek Road on Wednesday to see the striking sight.

“It’s spectacular. We’re really lucky to live in a place like this where you’ve got this much beauty and wildlife right at your doorstep,” said Atascadero Resident Kevin Zimmer, who missed the last super bloom but wasn’t taking any chances this time around.

“Five or six years ago, I missed the last really good bloom and we’ve had all this drought since then,” he said. “This is definitely the best it’s been in the last decade.”

Others are seeing the explosion of colorful wildflowers for the first time.

“This is pretty cool. I’m originally from Arizona so, it’s not green like this,” said Levi. “It feels like it’s pretty unique, a pretty special thing.”

And it’s not just people enjoying the beautiful sight.

“My little dog is super happy to see it all and we might go around to a couple of different places,” said J.

And it doesn’t end at Shell Creek Road. The vibrant colors kept getting better while driving east on Highway 58 past California Valley.

“Right by where they’ve got Highway 58 closed off going any further east, it’s right at the junction of 7-mile road and Highway 58. The temblor range, that end of the temblor range is just covered with yellow flowers right now,” explained Zimmer.

Visitors and locals were driving up to the highway closure to see the mountains covered in vibrant yellow.

“I was hoping it would be this way,” said Zimmer.

The super bloom is attracting visitors from all over--but some advice--try to avoid trampling the flowers so that others can enjoy this beautiful sight.

“I’m not gonna trample anything though, I’m gonna stay on the trail man,” said Levi.

Highway 58 is closed between California Valley and McKittrick due to recent landslides as crews repave the highway.

It is expected to reopen by the weekend.