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Students detained following 'senior prank gone wrong' at Santa Barbara High

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Posted at 4:31 PM, May 31, 2022

Multiple students were detained Monday night following what police say was a senior prank gone wrong that involved baby oil and raw fish at Santa Barbara High School.

Santa Barbara police responded around 10:30 p.m. to the high school after several reports came in of loud, unusual noises and breaking glass from school property.

Police say when officers arrived on scene, 50 to 60 high school-aged people ran toward East Canon Perdido Street from the school’s main building.

Their investigation revealed that multiple students were likely “attempting to perform a ‘senior prank’ that involved gallons of baby oil, Vaseline, raw fish, and oysters being placed all over the floors and door handles,” police said in a press release, adding that toilet paper and streamers could be seen strewn in streets and on the outside of the school’s property.

Part of the inside of the school were also vandalized, which included things spray painted and broken windows, police said.

Officers say they’re still investigating how the students gained access to the inside of the school.

The school’s principal reportedly arrived at the school after being notified of the incident, which is under investigation by Santa Barbara police.

The cost of the damage and cleanup is not currently known.

KSBY reached out to the high school for comment but has not yet heard back.