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Summer vacations at Pismo Beach in full swing despite enduring June Gloom and inflated costs

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jun 15, 2023

A recent survey from WalletHub, an award-winning personal finance website, found that California was the "most fun" of the 50 states, so KSBY spoke with tourists in Pismo Beach about the factors impacting their summer activities this year.

Those we spoke to say neither inflated costs nor the enduring June Gloom has kept them from coming out to the Central Coast this summer.

"It still is pretty gloomy, but it is starting to warm up as well," said Henry Rosales, manager of Pedal Up Bikes & Boards. "So, we are seeing a lot more foot traffic, people wanting to come by and rent bikes, go surfing do everything,"

But as temperatures rise in other parts of the country, some tourists say the overcast skies of Pismo Beach have been a welcomed sight.

"Right now, it is like 90, very humid," said Allison Green who was visiting from Texas. "I am very glad to be away from it being so hot and humid."

"We are just getting away from the hot weather inland and going to enjoy the beach," added Bryan Pineau of Lincoln, Calif., in Placer County.

Others admit they were hoping for more sun.

"It is nice and cloudy today, I brought the sunglasses out, but I am probably not going to use them," laughed Anthony Vieira, who comes from Hilmar, Calif., about 20 miles south of Modesto.

"We thought it was going to be really sunny, saw the clouds and we were so disappointed," said tourist, Hannah Forsyth, who was visiting from Oklahoma. "But it's okay because it's still a lot of fun."

Meanwhile, both tourists and businesses alike, say spending a summer on the Central Coast also comes with a higher price.

"My first day getting here we went to In-N-Out and it was like 50 bucks for four people, but where I live it is like 50 bucks for twelve people," Forsyth added.

"We do spend a lot more on the same material than we have done in the past; so, we have had to raise our prices just a little bit," Rosales told KSBY.

But in order to take part in Pismo's summer fun, most say they are willing to bite the bullet and pay up.

"Even if it is more expensive, I always find myself having a good time, there is so much to do," said Green from Texas.

"Whether they are going to go all out or just enjoy some time at the beach. Going to the beach is still relatively one of the cheapest things you can do and still have a really good time. I am confident people are still going to be coming out this summer," Henry Rosales said optimistically.

According to WalletHub, California has the most restaurants, cinemas, performing arts and fitness centers in the nation, notching it the top spot for fun in America.

Rosales says his business has also transitioned to electric golf carts in the past year which has helped them save money on the high costs of gas.