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Superbloom along Hwy 58 attracts hundreds of visitors to see the spectacle

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Posted at 7:05 PM, Apr 07, 2023

Just off Highway 58 near Shell Creek Road thousands of flowers line the hillsides. The super bloom is a spectacular sight attracting enthusiastic visitors from across the county. Among these visitors the consensus is the same.

“We haven’t had this for several years. I mean we’ve always had a few flowers, but this is really spectacular this year,” said Steve Sinton, Shandon resident.

“So we decided to do it on a Friday instead of the weekend and it has been unbelievable, I mean the colors are just amazing,” said Steven and Pam Beck, Paso Robles residents.

“Every year we try to come out here. We’ve been coming out here since the last super bloom,” said said John and Linda Shorb, Morro Bay residents.

“We’ve been out every year and this is the best in five years, six years at least,” said Beck.

Nearby resident Steve Sinton said most visitors are very respectful of the flowers and follow the trails to avoid stepping on them.

“The people who come out to see the flowers are very respectful. You don’t see any litter. Actually, I think they actually pick up litter on their way around," said Sinton.

But as Easter weekend nears and crowds continue to grow, Sinton has some advice for visitors.

“Just try to stay off the grass with your vehicles. I mean the footprints are fine but don’t leave tire tracks and don’t leave trash," said Sinton.

Some said they are concerned about the visitor’s behavior.

“Driving in here and parking and putting their blankets out and mashing the flowers down,” said Mary Jo Borlandelli, San Luis Obispo resident.

Borlandelli explains wildflowers need to re-seed in order to come back the next year.

“We were here one Easter last year and people were walking with arm loads of flowers that they had just pulled out by the roots, and were trying to replant them at home….If you want them to be here forever don’t pick them," said Borlandelli.

Highway 58, previously closed between California Valley and McKittrick due to slides and has fully reopened.