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Surveillance video shows donut shop owner being robbed at gunpoint in Santa Maria

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Posted at 7:01 PM, Mar 18, 2022

Two people robbed a local business at gunpoint and the shop owner’s daughter is now sharing their story.

Santa Maria Donuts on North Broadway was the victim of an armed robbery just after 4 a.m. on Thursday and it was all caught on surveillance camera.

The owner’s daughter, Alecia Yip, says no one has ever walked into their business like this since they opened their doors 25 years ago.

“We're family-oriented,” she said. “We're a small town business. We earn an honest living. Just something like this, we've never thought that would happen.”

Yip was not at the business during the armed robbery but she’s replayed the video a number of times.

“At the end of the day, that's my dad. The last thing you want is something bad to happen to him,” she explained.

She says the two robbers made off with the store's cash register which had about $120 in it.

The entire incident unfolded in less than 45 seconds.

“It's always kind of like shocking when you hear of something like this happening especially to a small local business,” said Alberto Ugalde of Santa Maria.

Yip has since posted about the robbery on social media to raise awareness.

“It kind of like got to me because I was born and raised down the street right here on Alvin across from Bruce Elementary School and as a kid, we always used to come here and when I found out something happened here, I decided to come and show my support,” Ugalde continued.

Other community members also did the same.

“There was a big line out the door and just everybody here to support us and making sure that my dad's okay,” Yip said. “We don't carry a lot of money here so I mean, maybe they needed it more than us.”

The owner called 911 right after the incident.

No word from police if the two men have been arrested.