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Taiwan-based aerospace company expresses interest in Paso Robles spaceport

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 16, 2023

A space technology company based in Taiwan has expressed interest in a spaceport planned at the Paso Robles Airport.

The company is called Gran Systems. They specialize in building small satellites which are cheaper and allow universities to do their own research in space.

The company now has its sights set on a future spaceport at the Paso Robles Airport.

“This is exciting. We are happy to consider Paso as one of the potential sites for operation and we are looking forward to it,” said Gran Systems Chairman Kuang-Han Ke.

Gran Systems is hoping to build a laboratory in Paso Robles to develop more small satellites and then send them into orbit from the same location.

“This is called a two-unit satellite that can fit right in the palm of my hand,” said Ke, while showing one of the company’s satellites in a Zoom interview with KSBY. “This is the current development that is happening.”

CubeSats were invented at Cal Poly, which has partnered with the City of Paso Robles for the spaceport project.

“We initially met Gran Systems at the Cal Poly cube satellite conference,” explained Paso Robles Airport Manager Mark Scandalis. “Paso Robles was presenting on the spaceport concept. We linked up after that.”

Gran Systems has sent a non-binding letter of intent to the City of Paso Roblesexpressing interest in the spaceport.

“They’re interested in the idea. It’s more of a concept at this point,” said Scandalis.

The Chairman of Gran Systems says that small satellites open up a treasure trove of knowledge to college students around the world.

“This is a very good platform for testing and research,” said Ke. “This is very suitable for university-type projects, enabling students to learn and get into the industry.”

The company’s U.S. headquarters are based in Houston and they’re hoping to soon expand into northern San Luis Obispo County.

“Most of our market is in North America. As we expand on the market, we will need laboratories,” explained Ke.

The manager of the Paso Robles Airport says the spaceport will bring more good-paying jobs to the area.

“If we’re able to attract the aerospace industry, we would be able to keep some of the local talent that’s being produced out of Cuesta and Cal Poly within the region and provide engineering jobs,” said Scandalis.

The City of Paso Robles is going through the application process to become the next licensed spaceport.